Thursday, September 20, 2007

Elton John: Braves Fan

Elton John goes to bat with Braves

Braves general manager John Schuerholz, former second baseman Mark Lemke and Hall of Fame pitcher Phil Niekro sat down with musical icon Elton John in an Atlanta recording studio for a lengthy discussion on matters ranging from the business of baseball to music. was there to capture this magical meeting of the worlds of sports and entertainment.

So strange. I mean, I know Elton loves Atlanta and all, but I never expected him to love the Braves for more than, well, this: has several videos of Elton meeting with John Schuerholz, Phil Niekro, and Mark Lemke here. Titles of the videos are:

• Elton meets the Braves
• Elton talks free agency, postseason
• Brian McCann gets thumbs-up
• Elton, Braves on chemistry

Awww, he has a little crush on Brian McCann too! "This kid's got it all."

(Thanks to IrishPrincess for the link!)

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