Saturday, July 10, 2010

‎"When your song gets chosen, it's always exciting!"

Hey, the NPR piece on the Braves Organist that I was asked to participate in? It went national this morning!! I heard it on the way to Tennessee -- we were around Dalton, GA and there was my voice, on Weekend Edition! What a great Saturday it's been. :)

Here's the permalink: Baseball Organist Keeps Tradition Alive With Twitter

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Amanda said...

FINALLY got a chance to listen to this (I'm changing jobs too! Been actually working at work tying up loose ends and have had little free time for diversions).

Anyway, I listen to NPR in the car all the time and if I had heard this without knowing about it before hand I would have ran off the road when they said your name lol.

I really enjoy the organist, he's a sharp guy, as are you. :)

Lauren T. said...

Thanks, friend! :)