Sunday, July 11, 2010

Career Home Run 400 for Andruw Jones

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Congrats, Andruw! It was a 3-run knock off former Brave Anthony Lerew (now with the Royals). Andruw's still a cutie, isn't he? :)

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flbravesgirl said...

Aww, good for him! I'll always have a soft spot for Andruw & his dimples.

Lauren T. said...

Me too -- his Superman catches in CF were awesome. (And my snarky side liked it when he occasionally fell down swinging too hard... that's horrible.) :D

Amanda said...

I'm with y'all. He'll always be one of my favorite. The Jones boys are just below Maddux and Javy on my all time brave love list. He kicked ass in CF in his prime and to this day I STILL get annoyed when I read someone acting like he wasn't one of the best CF's in the game. We certainly haven't had anyone even come close to filling his shoes...

Obviously his every day playing days are over but I'm glad to see him finally rebound a little with another team. Go Andruw!