Sunday, October 21, 2007

Mark Teixeira Works on His Form

"Mark's definitely on the straight and narrow," says Kevin Millwood, a Rangers starting pitcher. "He's a very disciplined guy in everything he does. And for as long as the season is, it's hard to be that disciplined. He's a hard worker, and he's as good as he is for a reason."
It is easy to understand why Teixeira is respected and looked up to by teammates. The first baseman is a humble man who works hard, loves his family and teammates and wants to glorify God in everything he says and does.

"Watch the way he carries himself," Millwood says. "That's good for anybody to watch."

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IrishPrincess said...

i love your sunday posts!

Lauren T. said...

Thank you! These articles are great finds.

I'm running low on future articles to post from, so if anyone has any uplifting interviews to share that would be appropriate for Sunday posts, please email me! :)