Friday, October 19, 2007

No Surgery for Baby's Ankle, but Lasik is in the near future...

From the Braves official site:

No surgery for McCann: Brian McCann visited an Atlanta-area doctor on Tuesday afternoon to discuss possible surgery. Fortunately, it had to do with his eyes and not his left ankle that occasionally bothered him this past season.

While Lasik surgery might be in McCann's future, the Braves All-Star catcher says he and the team's medical staff have determined he doesn't need to have surgery on the ankle. Recently, there had been some thought he'd have a bone spur removed from the ankle region.

But because the ailment was present throughout the season and never forced him to miss any extended period of time, it was determined that the rest he'll receive over the next few months would serve as a better alternative.

Let's hope the ankle holds up. I don't know why, but the fact that they're leaving it alone makes me a little nervous.

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Anonymous said...

I got scared off of Lasik by the Kathy Griffin story. But if Heap gets it I might reconsider.