Friday, October 12, 2007

Schuerholz gives up Braves' GM job

The fun news is slowing for the off-season, so I probably won't be updating as often. Here's a piece of the biggest Braves news of the week: Homeboy Upstairs got a promotion!

...[L]ongtime general manager John Schuerholz, the longest-tenured GM in baseball, is out as GM. But he also is in as team president. Frank Wren, who served as assistant general manager to Schuerholz over the last six seasons, got the assistant tag removed from his title, being named general manager.

Full story here.

You can watch videos from local news coverage here, from our ABC affiliate, and here, from our NBC affiliate.

And of course, a couple of the players had comments to share:

Outfielder Jeff Francoeur said he got word of Schuerholz's decision earlier Thursday.

"I figured he would be with us another year of two," Francoeur said. "It kind of happened quick for all of us. It caught us off guard."
"Obviously, John has done an unbelievable job with the organization and this team," Francoeur said. "He definitely deserves to retire and enjoy what he's accomplished. It's sad, because we didn't want to see him go."
"John Schuerholz is an unbelievable judge of talent," Chipper Jones once said. "It almost seems like he has a crystal ball."

We'll be waiting to see if there are any noticeable changes...

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