Friday, November 30, 2007

Bye, Pete Orr

Apparently, the Braves released Pete Orr on Wednesday. I'm incredibly sad; Pete was one of my favorite boys to watch. I need to stop getting so attached to utility guys and relief pitchers...this is the sort of thing that happens!

Oh well. You'll be missed, Peterson. I hope another team picks you up, and you find as much success as DeRo, my hero.

Some parting photos...

Beautiful Pete

Pete in a cowboy hat at Langy's wedding (with KJ and Adam LaRoche)

And from September 18th's game against the Marlins.
I can take a good picture every once in a while. ;)

Bye Pete. Loves. *sniff*


Spunky said...

Okay I feel like I'm going crazy here, LOL but in the wedding pic, who's the second guy from the left(and shouldn't Langy have been in his place, holding her hand and all? LOL) He looks so familiar but I just can't place him.

Lauren T. said...

I think I remember reading that was Shari (the bride)'s brother. I'm sorry; I've had that picture so long I don't remember where I got it!

Anonymous said...

L to R (all former Braves): Nick Green (free agent), Matt Belisle (Reds), KJ, Ryan Langerhans (Nats), Adam LaRoche (Pirates) and Pete Orr. Maybe the older man in back is a relative.

Lauren T. said...

Thanks so much! You guys are awesome.

atlbravo said...

There is no justice in the world. We'll miss ya Pete.