Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Official Talks Start Tomorrow To Bring Tommy Home

"We're looking forward to sitting down with Frank [on Wednesday] to see how the Braves view Tom in their plans for 2008," [Gregg] Clifton [Glav's agent] said late Tuesday afternoon.

The meeting will occur at Clifton's Phoenix-area office. Wren and Braves manager Bobby Cox are in the area this week assessing some of the organization's young talent in the Arizona Fall League.

Whatever. They're there for one reason: To bring Tommy back in a Braves uni. See?

While pitching for the Braves from 1987-2002, Glavine developed a close bond with Cox, and the two remained close while the veteran left-hander has pitched in New York for the past five seasons.

Having the opportunity to be reunited with Cox, veteran ace John Smoltz and third baseman Chipper Jones certainly increases Glavine's desire to return to the Braves. So, too, does the fact he'd have the opportunity to spend more time with his family in their suburban Atlanta residence.

Frank could have done this on his own, but Bobby's there to give Tommy a cigar and say, "Come back home, boy." :)

Both parties expect the negotiations to move quickly. With Glavine being at the top of their wish list, the Braves would like to secure him as quick as possible to know how much money is available to fill their other offseason needs.

At least we can hope for an answer soon...

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