Friday, December 28, 2007

McCann Baseball Camp

Interesting. The AJC ran a story this morning about a baseball camp that carries Brian's name, but seems to be run by his dad, Howie. It took place over a couple of days last week...blah blah blah...the only parts I was interested in can be seen in this picture:

1. The beard is back! Last time I saw him (in person) was at the Bobby Cox Paws Because... Casino Night, and he was sporting the Buddy Carlyle beard (a patch just on the chin). Not attractive, man.

2. Wedding ring! Looks like titanium. I didn't really expect him (meaning: Ashley) to choose yellow gold like Matty (/Leslee) did, but titanium is pretty cool. Cooler than he is, I think. I was looking for platinum. Hmmm.

3. He doesn't look happy in most of the pictures in the picture gallery. I hope he's well.

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Leah said...

The beard is good, even though the goatee he had didn't look terrible in the pictures I saw him in with it, but in person it might have.

Surprised his ring isn't platinum, but I can never really tell the difference unless I'm up close. I'm sure Ashley's is platinum though, but she might have picked his ring out for him since he "doesn't know anything about that wedding stuff" and she probably picked everything else out. He doesn't look like he'd be an expert in jewelry since he hardly wears any. I hope ChopTalk has at least a picture or two of them at their wedding, but I'm not holding my breath. We were lucky to get what was said in that interview as little as it was.

He really doesn't look that happy now that you've mentioned it. Kind of like a fake happy or something even though seeing pictures of him did make me slightly fangirl-ish. As you said, I hope he's doing well, too.