Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas 07!

Hope you all are having a wonderful day. It's about 40 degrees and has been raining all day here, but it's nice to have so many days off work. :)

So here are the exciting Braves-related things that happened in my life in the last 24 hours:

Last night, my cousin Emily gave me a Braves gift card for Secret Santa. I heart her.

My immediate family came to my place today, and my dad ooohed and aaahed over my Christmas card from the Braves. We had some delicious waffles and fruit salad, and after cleaning up, I challenged them all to a game of Monopoly.

I used the pitcher token (I kept calling him Pete Moylan, to my dad's and brother's amusement...what? that looks like Pete's windup!), my brother was the hot dog, Dad was the glove/ball, and Mom was the tomahawk. She did the Chop (complete with chant) before rolling half the time...it didn't help, but we enjoyed it.

So much fun! Hope you're all having a lovely day, whether or not you're celebrating Christmas.

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maggysue said...

I want that Monopoly game!