Saturday, December 29, 2007

Mr. and Mrs. Brian McCann: NO Wedding Pictures

Okay, I didn't expect Brian to invite the AJC to his wedding like Frenchy apparently did. But I was hoping to see a few pictures in Chop Talk of the day...and when my January Chop Talk arrived this afternoon, I was quite disappointed.

No pictures. Not even an article. (The whole issue seems devoted to Tommy Glavine, fwiw.) And they call themselves a fan magazine! ;)

What info we DID get was in the "Beyond Baseball" section, where the awesome Patty Rasmussen tells us what went on in the last month off the field. Most of the stories are about the guys' travels, babies being born, and charity events, so I was a little surprised to see that B-Mac's wedding was relegated to this section. It just seems...more important that this, I guess.

(Based on a few recent interviews, though, it sounds like Brian just showed up on December 1, and Ashley was in charge of everything else. Maybe she didn't know she should have invited Chop Talk? Or shared some pictures? Or maybe it was an intentional slight? I hope not, but you never know. Some people (Brian) just aren't as media-lovey as Frenchy is, ha ha.)

Okay, down to business. Here's what Chop Talk had to say:

Congratulations to Brian and Ashley McCann on their marriage, Dec. 1. Approximately 250 family and friends attended the nuptials held at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in downtown Atlanta, with a reception immediately following at the Atlanta History Center in the Buckhead section of the city. Sherry McCann, mother of the groom, described the evening as, "magical and enchanted." Brian's brother, Brad, served as the best man, and Jeff Francoeur served as a groomsman. Among the guests from the Braves organization were Francoeur and his wife, Catie, Blaine Boyer and his wife, Ginsey, Kelly Johnson and fiancée Lauren Thacker, Tim and Kim Hudson, John Smoltz, Chipper Jones, Clint Sammons and wife, Meredith, Wes Timmons, John Schuerholz and wife, Karen, Frank Wren, Terry Pendleton and wife, Catherine, Brian Snitker and wife, Ronnie, Chino Cadahia and wife, Lynne, and Braves Hall of Fame scout and executive Paul Snyder and his wife, Petie. Former teammates and friends in attendance included Mark DeRosa (Cubs) and wife, Heidi, Adam LaRoche (Pirates) and wife, Jenn, Andruw Jones (Dodgers) and wife, Nicole, Kyle Davies (Royals), Chris Woodward and wife, Erin, and Jeremy Hermida (Marlins). The couple honeymooned in Hawaii...

Congrats, Brian!


Jo said...

I thought Jeff honeymooned in Mexico. Did they go to Hawaii afterward?

Lauren T. said...

You're right, Jo. Sorry I didn't fact-check. I knew they started in Mexico and went to an island, but Frenchy went to the Bahamas. I don't follow Frenchy as much as some of the other guys. ;)

Leah said...

Actually, the no pictures doesn't surprise me. Who knows if that was even described by Brian or Ashley themeselves or anyone from the wedding, or ChopTalk just wrote it out themselves by someone who had attended. I'm slightly disappointed they're is not at least one picture. Chuckie even had one small picture announcing his wedding last year, but then again, this is Brian we're talking about. Kelly will probably be different since he seems more open about his engangement, finacee, etc., but who knows?

You were right on about the assumption that "Brian showed at the wedding, Ashley did everything else" thing. That's the impression I got as well. It sounded like an nice wedding though, even though we have no clue what it was like. Maybe Ashley will decide to do one of those wedding shows that Kim and Tim did for their wedding, but I'm not holding my breath.

Anonymous said...

Brian and Ash didn't want any pictures leaked into the press. They were very discrete about the entire thing but it was very beautiful. I have never seen anything like it. Her dress was the most gorgeous thing ever. I apologize that I can't post any pictures it does suck because I took some really good ones! :( Haha. Anyway, I enjoy searching around on Google sometimes and I found this. I'm in his family if you're wondering. Well have a wonderful day!

Lauren T. said...

Thank you for sharing! I understand how they wouldn't want to publicize such an intimate day. I certainly wouldn't give the AJC a tour of my home, like others have done. ;)

Also, I might snark on Brian and Ashley occasionally, but I think he's a phenomenal player, and one of the few Braves I follow closely. (Not in a creepy way. Just like to watch the games and read articles, that sort of thing.) Thanks again for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

I found wedding pictures!