Sunday, February 10, 2008

More Braves like hockey

Well, we hope so. From the Blueland Blog for last night's Thrashers vs. Lightning game:

Atlanta Braves pitchers Tyler Yates, Phil Stockman and Peter Moylan will each be attending their first hockey game tonight. Make them feel welcome and show them how loud it can be in Blueland. Hopefully I'll get a chance to talk to them and see what they think of the game.

Sadly, Thrashers games are much, much louder than Braves games. They don't need a graphic traveling around the stadium LED screens telling them to MAKE SOME NOISE, and when they do put it up in Philips Arena, I always wish I had brought earplugs. Are hockey fans more passionate than baseball fans? In Atlanta, I'd say yes.

If I come up with any pictures or post-game interviews, I'll be sure to add them in.

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Dayna(: said...

I went to the NHL Rockin' Skate about two weeks ago, it was pretty LOUD! It was a fun day, if only they had gone then. :/