Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Another one bites the dust!

Creepy Tyler Yates has been traded to the Pittsburgh Pirates for a minor-league starter, Todd Redmond. Welcome aboard, Todd! So long, Tyler! Tell Matt Capps that my brother says hi, okay? They played Little League together. article

AJC article, DOB says later:

Tyler Yates on arriving at the clubhouse this morning: "I walked in and Roger said, 'We need to talk to you.' I thought, 'Oh, God.'"

(Awww, check it! Todd and Jordan Schafer could be brudders!)


Jo said...

Jordan Schafer is adorable. He just needs to do something with that hair.

Lauren T. said...

I've heard he's a lot cuter than he photographs. I hope that's the case. :)