Monday, March 31, 2008

Five things you didn't know about me, meme style

My buddy RehabReject tagged me in this game about six weeks ago now, and I totally forgot to keep the game going.

So here are my five. I don't usually post this sort of thing here, but I thought it would be fun...

1. For Christmas in 1997, my uncle contacted a former co-worker of his at the Braves and arranged for me to receive a personally signed Javy Lopez baseball...and one of Javy's (unused) socks. The ball is still wrapped in Javy's sock and is one of the only pieces of "real" Braves memorabilia I own.

2. I have never been to a Spring Training game nor a postseason game. Didn't have the money when I was younger, and now that I do, I don't have the time. Isn't that how life works?

3. When I played softball, I played every position except shortstop, spending the most time at pitcher and left center. I could always hit well but I run like McCann, so I quit right before high school.

4. I watch way too much reality TV, but not the overly-trashy stuff. Last week I watched America's Next Top Model, Top Chef, Make Me A Supermodel, America's Best Dance Crew, and The Celebrity Apprentice. I'm also a fan of Project Runway, Shear Genius (bring it back, Bravo!), American Gladiators, Ninja Warrior, and Iron Chef. No dating shows for me -- I like the skills-based competitions.

5. If a guy doesn't like baseball, I'm probably not going to date him. He doesn't have to be a Braves fan, but he does need to understand how much I love the sport. I've dated a couple of Red Sox fanguys and they were great fun -- it's wonderful to be around people who are passionate about something. :)

Okay, those are my five. I think I'm supposed to tag two other people, but I rarely send forwards...forward... so this is no exception. If you want to take it and run, feel free!

Back to your regularly scheduled snarking...

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Jo said...

Agreed on #5. If I'm going to spend 6 months of the year watching the Braves almost every night then I need someone who can understand the dedication... and the stats... and my unusual admiration of Smoltz and Teixeira.