Saturday, April 19, 2008

2008 Braves Salaries

Wondering what your favorite Brave is earning this year? (Click to enlarge, if you need to...)


Numbers 2-6 are worth every penny, if you ask me.


Lizziebeth said...

Agreed, 2-6 are definitely worth it; the rest are a bit screwed up.

Lauren T. said...

Believe it or not, seeing where Frenchy ranks on the list makes me think he's underpaid in relation to his value to the team...but then I remember how the Braves tried to negotiate a similar deal to Mac's and Pretty Boy wasn't having it. He'll get his soon enough.

Jo said...

Frenchy is waiting it out for more money. Once they get rid of Hampton, hopefully they'll have the cash for him and Tex. But I'm thinking Tex will have to agree to less money than he's worth in order to stay in Atlanta and we all know Boras won't be too happy with that.

Lauren T. said...

I 100% adore Teix, but I don't think he'll stay. Stupid Boras. Le sigh.

Amish Trivedi said...

Looking at Hampton on the list makes me angry!

They could have paid me $15m and I would have been equally as productive, if not more!