Sunday, April 6, 2008

Angry Baby!

Aside from KJ's pinch hit grand slam yesterday (go Kelly!), this was my very favorite part of the whole game: the return of Angry Baby!

I suck at reading lips, so I didn't try too hard to see what he's saying to Bobby. Something about passing the runner? And to prove how much club management trusts Brian McCann, Bobby Cox turned right around and went back to argue that Pagan (on second) shouldn't have passed Church (on third) on the basepath. Pagan should have been out, but the umps never saw the pass occur. In the end, we still won, but this succession of calls represented a major screw-up.

I also love that he needs a beach towel to dry his poor hair off. That was the worst part about catching for me, when I played -- the equipment is so hot! I don't blame him for wearing a hat as little as possible.

Back to KJ's grand slam for a second, I love that Chipper didn't high-five him -- he just wrapped him up in a big ol' hug. :)

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