Monday, April 7, 2008

Everyone Loves Mark Teixeira

I'd hold Teix close to my heart too, Baby. And Chipper, puckering up in the background!

After yesterday's game, I'm wondering why Teix took off toward third to celebrate with Chipper after making the final out of the game. It looked a little strange to me, is all. Before I get worked up about Chipper again, I'll switch to mention Braves Live. This show airs on SportSouth and FSN before and after the games, and they usually have awesome interviews with the players.

During Chipper's post-game interview we saw Chino walk across the background in a too-small towel.

Now, please explain to me why the cameras can accidentally snag a nude Chino and not a towel-clad...well...nearly anyone else in that clubhouse? ;)


Leah said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who saw that. That was not something I wanted to see at all. There were plenty of others standing around in the background, but alas, they don't know how and where to posistion cameras.

Jo said...

Sadly, I'm stuck in FL still and have to watch all the games on No Braves live for me, though I'm glad I didn't see this one.

I'm pretty sure Tex has had a man crush on Chipper for years. I'm starting to think the feeling is mutual on Chipper's end.

Lauren T. said...

Everyone has a crush on Teix. ;)

And Teix is just three weeks older than I am, so I can understand him getting caught up in Chipper Mania when he was in high school, looking up to him, etc. OTOH, Chipper seems much more friendly and huggy overall this year, so maybe that's part of it.

Lizziebeth said...

My eyes are still burning.

I didn't understand the Tex-Chipper "thing" snubbing of Sori.

Spunky said...

Unfortunately I saw this too and my eyes have still not recovered either.

And yeah, it's never the ones you want is it? ;)