Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pete Moylan radio interview 11-30-07

Take a listen to this wonderful interview with Peter Moylan from last winter, via Australia's 88.3 Southern FM radio. Around 35 minutes into the podcast, Pete talks about the birth of his new baby, working with Roger McDowell and John Smoltz, reshaping his goattee (now it's a "flavor saver"), and how he doesn't particularly care for "Down Under" being his running-to-the-mound song. Well, that's understandable.

Pete also mentioned that he wishes they had a glove or t-shirt day at Turner Field in his honor. Dude, don't we all! If they sold Moylan shirts, you know I'd own the first one I saw. The Braves are totally missing out -- they don't sell Diaz shirts, either, and that kinda pisses me off.

Thanks so much to Mark Missen for the tip on the podcast! If you'd like to hear more Aussie sports podcasts, check out 88.3 Southern FM's website.


Shaun said...

Ha. Awesome, I was just talking about how I bet he didn't pick that song.

Anonymous said...

i cant get it to work on my comp :/

Lauren T. said...

ugogirlzz, it streamed in a new window on my computer (using Quicktime) and I was also able to listen to it via Windows Media Player. It should be compatible with any device that plays .mp3 files.