Friday, April 11, 2008

Snowed out in Denver!

I'm so glad we're back on the east coast today. The pollen counts might be astronomical, but we don't have to worry about Huddy pitching at Coors! Here are a few interesting things from yesterday...

By David O'Brien
April 10, 2008 2:02 PM | Link to this

Right now I’m watching Tim Hudson take camera-phone photos of Matt Diaz and Blaine Boyer making snowballs in front of the dugout.

And in left field, Jeff Bennett has constructed a snowman.

Diaz and Boyer started to roll ever-growing snowballs toward him to help out with new layers of the snowman, but they stopped halfway up the thrid-base line when things got messy.

The field is covered in snow.

By David O'Brien
April 10, 2008 2:18 PM | Link to this

Now Acosta and Soriano are out behind home plate taking camera-phone photos of each other with the stadium background.

They’re dressed smarter than the previously mentioned fellas. Acosta and Soriano have on their game pants, heavy warmup jackets and stocking caps. Diaz was out there in shorts and a T-shirt.

It’s COLD folks, about 32 with the wind blowing. And still snowing, though not hard like before.

By the way, Braves are still here because they’re waiting for their plane to get here from Salt Lake City. Wasn’t supposed to arrive until about 5, but they got it moved up. They’ll be here another couple hours probably, then head to airport.


Also cute? The boys trying to stay warm in the pics after the jump...

Moylan on the left, Jurrjens on the right, and who's that in the center? Acosta?

First photo, AP. Last two photos by Karl Gehring, Denver Post. Thanks again to sdp for pointing out the DOB goodies.

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JB in ATL said...

Tonight would be a good game to get back on track with.

Remember last week after the rain out we won two in a row against the Mets. Maybe the snow out will have similar results.

Plus we've got Huddy on the mound against a team that has lost 7 in a row. If we can give him some run support we can get another win for Tim.

Enjoy the game tonight!