Thursday, May 22, 2008

Benchy Frenchy

Even though it wasn't a full day off, Frenchy sitting out the second game on Tuesday gave him the boost he needed to come back strong -- 4 RBIs last night! However, check out how much Baby liked having Frenchy ride the bench...

During Tuesday night's 6-2 win over the Mets, Gregor Blanco filled in for Francoeur in right field. So with no game responsibilities, Francoeur resorted to something he has always enjoyed doing: bugging teammate Brian McCann.

"He's the most annoying bench player in the world," said McCann, who also had the night game off after catching the first game. "I don't ever want to have him on the bench again.

"He's just annoying," McCann added. "He talks the whole time, doesn't give you your space. Every time you turn around, he's there."

Not surprising. Hee.

Some friends and I are going to the game tonight -- it's Asian Heritage night at the Braves! I'll be wearing my Hello Kitty backpack. (No, I won't, but I am 1/4 Asian.)


Jennifer said...

Hello Kitty. ;) I love it.

Last night on the broadcast they said that Frenchy was sick to his stomach Tuedsay night and Wednesday morning from all the chew, gum, and seeds he ate in the dugout. That cracked me up.

Lauren T. said...

I must have missed that about Frenchy's upset tummy -- hilarious! He's such a kid.

Jennifer said...

It may have been on the ESPN broadcast. Can't remember. I paid more attention to that one since I thought they'd be more likely to talk about my bearded, old man, and they did. They even showed him side armin' it in the 'pen before the game. *smooch*

Does Frenchy normally chew? I didn't remember that he did, and if that's the case, yeah, sitting there dipping all night would probably make him sick. Yuck.

Lauren T. said...

I've never seen nor heard of Frenchy using tobacco, so if it was his first time, maybe someone (Larry) gave him a can just to see how green he got.

I'm sure Catie would NOT be amused.