Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fantastic picture!

The luckiest girl in the world posted this pic on Flickr. Nellie, if you see this, shout at me! I would love to hear how you ended up in one of the hottest sandwiches imaginable. (click to enlarge...)

Peter Moylan, Nellie, Javy Lopez, and Blaine Boyer. Incredible.

(Thanks to reader Stephanie for the link to the pic.)

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Morgan said...

I've been on your webpage alot lately and just found this! She is pretty much the luckiest girl ever! Pete looks absolutely adorable in this picture. And any girl who gets there picture taken with Javy is super lucky. Javy is one of my favorites and now I cna't stop looking at this picture! I'm so jealous! Anyways, thanks for posting!