Friday, May 23, 2008

Game Day: Braves vs Mets 5-22-08

Game day! This was a great game to attend -- Huddy was spectacular, we won the game 4-2, and swept the series with the Mets. Awesome. See pics and video after the jump...

I usually take a lot of pictures at BP, but decided to try something new today. This is a 5+ minute video of batting practice, with a little commentary. Sorry some parts are a little shaky -- I was just using a digital (picture) camera and I don't have the steadiest hand. :)

All my pics from the game are here, but since I did a video tour of BP, I got most of my snark out there. Here are a few that need some commentary, though.

Phil Stockman has the Aussie tough-guy stance down pat. I wish Bobby would let him pitch more.

Bennett's dimples again. <3

Will Ohman had everyone rolling during this story. It was pretty funny to watch when you couldn't hear. I read that he's "gregarious", and from what I've observed, that's 100% accurate. :) He's on the list of Braves I'd like to meet.

Here's Frenchy, with a Delta big wig and a flight attendant. Big Wig threw out the ceremonial first pitch. Isn't this picture Braves Bizarro World?

And again, making this between-innings game far too easy.

Can you see that? The bag says 99¢, and they're asking if the price of the treat is higher or lower than $1.00. *shakes head*

I like it when they sit together in the dugout.

The bachelor party in the next section over made it onto the Jumbotron.

Homeboy? Is that you?

Baby had the bench enthralled with a story for a good five minutes. Sadly, most of the pictures were too blurry.

This was the giveaway for the night -- a Delta carry-on duffle bag. It's pretty nice, and a little more navy than the picture shows.

Great game!



Jo said...

Ha, Bizarro Frenchy. Seinfeld is the best. All I think about when they play the Mets is George trying to get fired from the Yankees to become the head of scouting for the Mets. :D

BraveFanHawaii said...

The last pic down on the bottom reminds me of Adam Sandler in Water Boy. Slap hands! Slap hands!

Great pics, as always.

Allee said...

Love the picture of Frenchy catching...that is totally bizzaro wierd. At least his pants aren't as loose as B-Mac's. ;]
I love the video, too.
Something new. =]

Leah said...

When I met Ohman at FanFest, he seemed really nice and funny. He complained that everyone was knocking his name sign around after my friend proceeded to do the same.

Great pictures and video commentary as well. :)

Dawn said...

I was at this game also, and had my best seat ever! In picture #23, you'll notice a man and a boy about 10 rows up watching BP; I was right in front of them a couple of rows down. I took some pictures also and hope to post them somewhere soon.

Lauren, which section did you make your pics from (during the game)? I like to try different areas of the park.

Lauren T. said...

I'd love to see your pictures too, Dawn. During this game I was in section 410. 408 and 410 are my favorites of the "affordable" seats -- you're in the shade, the breeze is nice, and you can see right into the dugout. :D