Friday, May 30, 2008

Walking and talking with the Braves

Blog reader Jonathan sent me this article via email... apparently this was on the Coca-Cola Company's intranet this week, along with pictures.

Walking and talking with the Braves

Posted May 28, 2008

Nearly five months ago, Buddy Wells, a CCNA employee’s nephew, spent 14 days in a deep coma and was not expected to walk or talk again following an accident on an all terrain vehicle. The sixth grader suffered from a broken collar bone, broken ribs, a punctured lung, four chipped vertebrae and a brain injury, spending nearly two months in rehabilitation. Before the accident, Buddy played right field, center field and third base on the Charlton County Sandgnats traveling youth baseball team in Georgia. His favorite baseball team: The Atlanta Braves. His all-time favorite player: Chipper Jones.

When CCNA learned of Buddy’s catastrophic injuries and love for the Braves, the organization partnered with the Braves to make life a little easier for the recovering pre-teen. After leaving the hospital, the Braves sent Buddy a care package that included an autographed Kelly Johnson cap, and later invited Buddy and his family to a VIP night with the Braves during a recent home game. Buddy threw the first pitch to Chipper Jones, met other legendary Braves players and former President Jimmy Carter. To date, Buddy is still recovering from his injuries.

Sweet. Here are a couple of pictures...

Nice! Thanks, Jonathan!


Lizziebeth said...


Allee said...

How sweet!!
I guess Chipper has a heart after all. =]

Jo said...

See, this is the kind of thing that makes me like Chipper even more.

Pollie said...

Hi, I am Buddy's Mom and I can tell you that it was a truly genuine meeting... Chipper won this mama's heart! GO BRAVES!
"With God all things are possible"

Lauren T. said...

Thanks for visiting us, Pollie. I love hearing stories about the Braves taking care of their fans. :)

My prayers are with your son for a speedy recovery, and with your family as well.