Friday, May 30, 2008

Welcome back, Sori!


(I was really hoping the pointy beard would have disappeared on your break, but it didn't. Boo.)


Maura said...

I thought this picture of their hug looks a little awkward. Of course, there is a lot of Corky to hug.

Lauren T. said...

True. On the other hand, Corky was probably being cautious, afraid of being stabbed by Sori's beard. ;)

I'm partially blaming Baby if Corky does get injured by the pointiest beard in the bullpen -- I don't recall our catchers automatically hugging the pitcher after every game before he came along. (And neither Sori nor Acosta seems to like it too much. Neither of them is as huggy as Huddy. ...Maybe that's not the best example.)

Jessica said...

I definitely don't remember catchers and pitchers hugging after games this much. This team certainly has a lot of love for one another. I agree that some guys don't like it as much as say, Huddy, Baby or Chipper. But, I'd hug everybody, too, if I were that great :)