Thursday, June 5, 2008


Congrats, Chipper!

By David O'Brien
June 5, 2008 11:27 PM | Link to this

Hoss was a happy dude after this game. Called it the second-biggest thrill of his career, after the World Series win (yes, he ranked it ahead of the MVP and anything else that happened in ‘99).

Also — and this surprised me — just the second curtain call he’s had in Atlanta, the other in ‘99 after his fourth homer in a late-season series against the Mets….

I talked to the dude who caught the ball. He was with his wife and two little kids. You could tell it was about the biggest night of their lives. They were thrilled, dude didn’t even want anything from Chipper, just wanted his kids to meet Hoss.

Chipper gave him a signed bat and wrote “400” on it, and three baseballs....


Allee said...

That last picture looks like he's up to something, sneaky.
And, the fact that you can't see Teixeira's left hand makes me wonder.... ;D

Lauren T. said...

Maybe Teix is the sneaky one. ;)

(Kidding, Teix. Love you. You look very handsome today.)

Jessica said...

The thing I love about that homerun is that Chipper hit it when the Braves needed it (with 2 outs!). A one run lead wasn't comfortable enough, so a two run lead felt better. I really think he's the smartest hitter in baseball. Congrats Chipper, you've earned it!

Love the pics, Lauren!

Jamie said...

Thanks for posting these pictures! I'm a huge Chipper fan so I was excited to hear about the homerun and to see the pics! I've been looking at your page for about a month now and I usually don't comment on pages, but I've enjoyed reading all the stories and comments...and looking at the pics! Thanks! Keep up the good work!

Jo said...

Ever noticed Chipper makes the sign for "I love you" every time he hits a homerun?

Lizziebeth said...

Heya, has a new Chipper photo gallery up if you're a fan. He's not my fav, but that young pic of him is too cute!

SCJ said...

Jo-- Chip does the "I love you" sign to his family after every home run. Cutest thing I've seen. It's a little more personal than the general point the finger in the crowd thing most guys do!

Dawn said...

I had noticed the hand sign and assumed it was to his wife / family.

But who's the teammate returning the "I love you" sign?

SCJ said...

Tex and Jeff both have done the sign in a highfive fashion back to him. (if that makes any sense?) ..They highfive the ILU sign..!

I'm not sure of any other players have done it as well.

Lauren T. said...

Jessica, I agree about Chipper hitting when the Braves needed it last night -- going 4 for 5 certainly didn't hurt!

Dawn, Chipper has said before that the ILU is for his wife, which I think is nice.

SCJ, I've seen Pete Moylan high five the ILU sign too. That's just weird to me, ha ha. "I love you!" "I love you too!" "YAAAAAAY!!" *wiggles ILUs together*