Sunday, June 15, 2008

Charlie's 'stache and more shirtless KJ

You can't see it in the pictures published overnight, but Charlie Morton was rockin' an awesome 'stache. My roommate came in and asked what's up...

Lauren: Look, there's Charlie Morton and his mustache!

Roomie: HAHAHAHAHA, it's so p0rny!!

Lauren: Mmmmm, skeezy!

Roomie: He needs to grow it bigger or not grow it at all.

Lauren: ...That's what she said.

Congrats, Charlie, on your first major league start AND your first major league win! The last Brave to do that was John Smoltz, so...good luck with that. :D

Post-game: Someone really wants to see KJ topless again. He's groping for his shirt while trying to answer the interview questions, and even partially puts it on,'s mostly just glowing white shirtlessness.


Jessica said...

Is KJ's white chest like a magnet when it comes to interviews? I love, it...keep the clubhouse interviews coming!

slappywhite said...

It looks like there is no hair on there. Does he shave it???

I've dated a guy or two that did.

CABravesFan said...

really enjoyed the game last night...Charlie Morton looked really good!

Cool moment before the game- about 10 minutes befroe first pitch Jeff Francoeur is walking into the dugout after streaching (and it was brutally hot before the sun went down) and he stops and signs autographs for a group of kids standing behind the dugout...if there is anyone who enjoys the fact that he gets to play baseball for a living more then Jeff Francoeur I would love to meet him...

Also- 8th inning- infield gathers behind the mound for an impromptu meeting during a pitching change- Kelly Johnson says something that completely cracks Chipper up- I mean bent over laughing with a huge grin on his face...really nice to see to guys relaxed and having fun again after the last week or so

Sorry- no pictures (camera decided not to work and the camera phone doesn't have a zoom)

sdp said...

I'd go gay for Kelly, but don't tell anyone. I'm kidding, but the dude is a sexy man.

Anonymous said...

Love KJ:)

Lauren T. said...

slappy, I'd guess he doesn't shave. In the last vid, there was a hint of hair around the nips. He just doesn't look like a very hairy guy. speculate on who on the team does some manscaping... Kots, for sure. Chipper. Frenchy's experimented with it. Aaaaand, it probably never occurred to Smoltzie. ;)

Allee said...

Shirtless Kelly!
I was out of the country for a week and I must say that I missed these boys and their silly antics. =D

Jennifer said...

Charlie! Yusssss!

Lauren, at Cubs Convention, DeRo told a little manscaping story on himself. He has this little trimmer thing called a "Peanut" that he got at T.J. Maxx. So cute. Maybe someone should tell Smoltzie about it. ;)

Just remembered something. I think that back in his A's days, Huddy used to shave his whole body before starts. Not sure if that's still going on. Sounds like it'd be a little time consuming. And itchy. Heh.

Lauren T. said...

Maybe Kim helped. ;)

I can totally picture DeRo manscaping. I wonder what Heidi's opinion is on that?

slappywhite said...

You can check out Charlie's stache here. I don't know how to describe it. I do know it doesn't beat Mr McCann's beard.