Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"Doctor, doctor, gimme the news; I've got a bad case of lovin' you!"

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a list of players on the Braves 2008 Opening Day roster, along with their injuries / health concerns. I only counted ones that have caused our Braves to miss innings so far this season. Players in bold have not sustained any injuries this season.


Manny Acosta
Jeff Bennett -- flu
Blaine Boyer -- twisted knee
Tom Glavine -- hamstring, elbow
Mike Hampton -- strained boob (fine, pectoral muscle)
Tim Hudson -- flu, hamstring
Jair Jurrjens -- blister, sprained ankle
Peter Moylan -- bone spur in elbow
Will Ohman
Chris Resop
Royce Ring
Rafael Soriano -- elbow tendinitis


Brian McCann -- previous ankle injury aggravated, dinged up knee
Corky Miller
Brayan Pena -- "back spasms"


Yunel Escobar -- "flu", bruised finger
Ruben Gotay
Kelly Johnson -- knee strain, back spasms
Chipper Jones -- quads, hamstrings, back spasms
Martin Prado -- sprained thumbs
Mark Teixeira -- back spasms


Matt Diaz -- torn PCL
Jeff Francoeur -- previous ankle injury aggravated
Mark Kotsay -- stiff neck, back spasms, sciatica
Gregor Blanco

As Goose would say, "This is not good!" I'm seriously starting to wonder if someone put a hex on the Braves. This isn't normal.

Where is Smoltzie, you ask? He started the season on the DL (therefore, not on the 25-man) and is currently on his 4th trip this season. Jorge Campillo has had problems with blisters, but he started the season at AAA. :(

DL Photo Gallery at the AJC. I've said it a million times this season -- please get well soon, guys.


CABravesFan said...

Not that it really matters since he is out for the year but I believe this is only Smoltz's 3rd trip to the DL:)

Lauren T. said...

CA, I was going by the photo gallery at the AJC -- they claim it's the fourth trip. I didn't take the time to fact check the newspaper, but if I'm wrong, I'll change it. :)

CABravesFan said...

I didn't do any fact checking either- entirely possible i missed one

Leah said...

I believe Kelly also had knee/hamstring issues at the beginning of the season, which caused him to miss a few games.

Pretty good job on the extensive injury list. :)

Lauren T. said...

You're right, Leah. Left knee strain for KJ in early April.

Lauren T. said...

Oh, man, the easier way to do this would have been to look at Check it.