Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Frenchy's blog: He's working on his game, he swears.

Frenchy has a new blog up at Delta.com.

On this flight up to Chicago it will be all business. I’ve been working with our coaching staff to help determine what I need to do with my swing to get me back to hitting at a higher average. On the flight, I’ll look to see if I can spend time going over some of my at bats on a portable DVD player that we can use to see some of our highlights, etc.
Well, that's good.

People ask me all of the time what I take on a road trip. Ha, I wish I had something better to tell them. I did not take my golf clubs on the trip, even though Chicago, Los Angeles, and Dallas have some incredible courses. I did take about six dress shirts, four or five ties, and three different suit jackets/pants. That way, I’ll never double up on the road and make the “rookie” mistake that we all make.
Like that time Frenchy had to buy a "sport coat" to meet President Bush last year? :D

PS: My favorite airports as promised:

#1 - Atlanta: it’s my hometown airport and we fly so much in and out of there that I feel like I know everyone at Hartsfield.

Frenchy knows everyone in the city, I think. I love that he's BFF with everyone he's ever met.


Morgan said...

I love his blog! I feel like he really does like sharing stuff with the fans! He's so sweet. Of all the guys on the team, he seems like one of the few who would actually have a blog and keep up with it.

Do you know that he has an Mlb Blog to? I'm assuming you would know, but just making sure. :)

Lauren T. said...

Yeah, he's got a new post up there today, too... the Delta one is more "insider", though.

You know who's blog I'd like to read? Catie's. That would be interesting.

Morgan said...

I agree. The Delta one seems better. The onlt thing I like about the MLB one is that you can leave comments on it. I can't find a way to on his Delta page. I would like to read Catie's, too. I really wish I could get to know her. I love Jeff, so I've always been very jealous of Catie. It would be nice to know her so I could have a real reason to hate her. Just Kidding, I'm sure she's a nice person. Maybe. ;)

Lauren T. said...

I was in close proximity to Catie for a couple of hours at a charity event about 7 months ago. She seems like a real sweetheart -- very genuine.

Morgan said...

That's what everyone says. At Fanfest this year, I met Jeff and then I stood outside the reading section while standing in line for more autographs. She was there with him and even though she was just reading a book to little kids, She seemed like a really nice person. She's really pretty, and I don't have anything against her. I get just a little envious when I see pictures of them together. Oh well.

jennise said...

Jeff is such a sweet guy! I love the "BFF with everyone he meets" comment!!!