Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Marlins 6-2-08

These game day pictures were taken by frequent commenter and Braves Love friend, Jo. She had some sweet tickets to last night's game and was gracious enough to share some of her pictures with us! Yay, Jo! Thanks; you're the best. See pics after the jump...

Mmmm, stretching...

This tête-à-tête is almost a derrière-à-derrière, no?

Smokin' Smoltz

Frenchy's as mesmerized as we are!

Baby's starting to look like a lion again.

Braves win with Yunie's walkoff!

The Hair. It just makes me so happy! :D


Jennifer said...

A couple comments on fashion and grooming. : D

Baby's beard is too long. I adore his hair though. It looks really soft. Just like him.

We've been gone for a few days and I didn't record, and from the pictures I've seen, I can't tell if Smoltzie trimmed his beard. It looked a little on the long side when he spoke after his first (?) start in Rome last week. I wish he'd go back to just the goatee, but he doesn't consult with me. Heh. And, the seeing the sleeves of the gray t-shirt sticking out always kills me. In a cute, "He's such a boy. *eyeroll* " kind of way. <3

Lauren T. said...

The beard -- it's going to reach Casey Blake proportions soon. Maybe the 90+ degree heat this week will lead him to trim it down. Or shave it off, so people will remember why I call him "Baby". :D

I love Smoltzie's gray shirtsleeves too. It looks more comfy and snuggly somehow -- yet all my roommate could look at in that picture is his crotch. Heh.

(Not that I can say anything -- 3 of the 7 pictures I borrowed from Jo involve Teix's rear view!)

Arlyn said...

Just an FYI, Smoltz is most likely done. He’s going to have surgery on his shoulder and probably retire. Announcement should come today. It’s truly a sad day in the A.