Monday, June 16, 2008

Mmmm, Orangey!

Please follow this link and enjoy the pictures and commentary on the best baseball cards in the history of the world. You may recognize the names: Terry Pendleton, Greg Olson, Sid Bream, Tom Glavine, Jeff Blauser, Steve Avery, and Mark Lemke.

It's brilliant. Just brilliant. Go, come back, and tell me what you think. :)


Lizziebeth said...

Oh, cripes, how DO you find this stuff??! Those are hilarious beyond words!! Mullet Tommy is always great, but with unaltered carrot-y teeth, lol. I'm not an autograph seeker, but it would be too priceless to hand them one of these.

Jennifer said...


Ohmigod. How cute was he? I mean, he still is, but he was just precious back then. I saw that, and the 15 year-old fangirl that dwells within my heart squeed with delight. <3 I miss his old teeth. The new ones always look deutre-y to me. I mean, they are, kinda, but ya know. You'd think Tom Glavine could get the best fake choppers money can buy. :D

Jessica said...

Awesome post, Lauren. I love the old pics...they bring back great memories of some awesome years for Braves baseball. And, they remind me just how much fun the guys are to follow. Thanks!