Thursday, June 26, 2008

Radio Interviews with Mr. Smoltz

Smoltzie's still on some of the good pain stuff, I think -- he laughs an awful lot in this interview from AM 570. And he calls out Frenchy as the best at text messaging in the history of the world!

Dan Patrick: Is he a better texter than Chipper is a hitter?

Smoltzie: Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Patrick: Is he a better texter than Maddux is a pitcher?

Smoltzie: Yeah.

And here's another interview, from 6/5. Smoltzie giggles about being the master of his domain. (That's all that needs to be said there.) :D

Thanks, Jennifer, for the link!


Jennifer said...

Shrinkage. That's what they all say. ;)

Jessica said...

Wow - Smoltzie should definitely get into broadcasting. He is quite entertaining on the air! :)

CABravesFan said...

I want some of whatever he is taking...

Seriously- thanks for posting these Lauren- great to hear Smoltzie sounding so upbeat!
(and to hear him talk about shrinkage...and Jenna Jameson?? Priceless!)

Jo said...

Ahem, um, I'll be saving my comments for another time. ;)