Saturday, June 21, 2008

Smoltzie update

It's still early, y'all, don't freak out. But keep him in your prayers, if that's your thing...

Smoltz back with Braves... sort of
Veteran pitcher already starting rehab; Cox says 'he's miserable'

...Smoltz is wearing a brace and padding to keep his arm immobilized and held out to the side. He told Cox and teammates he has been unable to sleep. ...
By David O'Brien
June 21, 2008 12:05 AM | Link to this

Bravesfan79, Smoltz doesn’t have to go on a single trip or even attend a single game if he doesn’t want to. Absolutely does not. He’ll do it because he wants to, and it’ll probably be at least another couple trips before he thinks of going on the road.

I talked to him a little after the game tonight. He’s hurting. Can’t do anything. Was struggling to pull on his socks one-handed. I told him, Dude, you’d be excused for wearing sandals only for a while. Or just wear loafers and no socks.

Talked to him about watching Tiger in the Open. Smoltz knew exactly how bad Tiger was hurt, which he said it made it all the more fascinating for him to watch his pal over the course of that tournament.


CABravesFan said...

My brother went through a similar shoulder surgery several months ago and watching him i learned that brace is akward, uncomfortable and just horrible...and you really can't do a thing while wearing it...Here's hoping for the best for Smoltzie...

Jennifer said...

When I heard how badly Tiger was hurt, I thought, "Hmmmm. He just knew he'd take a bunch of crap from Smoltzie if he didn't man up and win that thing." Heh.

Seriously, it hurts me to think how much he's hurting. I'm sure we could get a pretty good cadre of naughty nurses together from this blog to take care of his every need, however. ; )

CABravesFan said...

where do i sign up?

Jennifer said...

And another thing, :D

Flip-flops and shorts, or those velour-ish sweatpants he wore in the FitAtlanta photos (Seriously, baby? You wanna wear that?) would do for a while. I'm also a big fan of the shorts/tassle loafers/pasty white ankles look on him. Such an adorable fashion don't, he is. Does he own any shirts that don't have a country club logo on them?

I didn't read the comments, you rock for putting up the one from DOB about his travelling obligations, etc. Thanks. *smooch*

*CA, I'll leave a clipboard at the front desk if you want to sign up for a home healthcare shift. ;)

Lizziebeth said...

Sign me up too!!!
Thanks for the update; I'm in HHI and pink as a shrimp from the sun today...first chance to get online.