Saturday, June 14, 2008

"Whatever you think they're like, it's exactly like that"

This was a little dialogue on SportSouth last night between our awesome announcers in the top of the 5th. I love these guys.

Joe: McCann bobblehead night on the 25th.

Boog: I'm sure Jeff Francoeur will have some fun with that. [pause] Just being around those two is -- it is FUNNY. Listening to them on the plane last night, and they are constantly jabbing each other.

Joe: That never ends.

Boog: I mean, it's, and it's pure, 7th grade, 'I could beat you up' -- 'No you couldn't'

Joe [laughing]: Yeah.

Boog: 'But I'm quicker than you' -- 'Yeah, but if I got my hands on you' -- I mean, they're just, they are GREAT. [snipped game call] I think that the best way to describe them...whatever the fans' perception of what Jeff and Brian are like, I would say, whatever you think they're like, it's exactly like that. However you think they are, just as regular guys, that's exactly how they are.

Joe: And they can say it to one another, but don't say it about the other in front of the other, or you're WILL have a fight on your hands.

Boog: No question.
I'm pretty sure we can figure out which one is the fast one and which one is the handsy one. ;) It's nice to know they're still having some fun in spite of what's been going on this season.

In other news, blog reader Jamie send over the link to this video, a sneak preview of Chipper's reality show, Buck Commander. (No, that's not his p0rn0 movie -- that's his hunting show that's set to air in Canada next month.)

Langy! And Rochey! I miss these boys, but I really don't want to think about them hunting "for sport". :(


Allee said...

Haha, that's great about Brian and Jeff. I love those two.
And, I totally wish I lived in Canada so I could see Chipper's show. I'd love to see him out of his element. =]

slappywhite said...

I ran across this a few weeks ago. I love what he says about Jeff sleeping with the SI.

When you click on it wait to be redirected.

Lauren T. said...

SlappyWhite, that deserves its own post. :) Loved it!

slappywhite said...

I know. It is great. He is just too cute!!! And to make it better, they are winning at "the A."