Monday, July 14, 2008

2008 Home Run Derby Love

For years, I've thought the Home Run Derby on the eve of the All-Star Game was more fun than the Game itself. (The All-Star Game was definitely more fun before interleague play, and before I had cable / could watch teams other than the Braves.)

It airs tonight at 8pm ET on ESPN, and here are the guys who will be swinging for the fences! (Click the names for pics)

Lance Berkman
Houston Astros
(#2 hitter in the NL, behind Chipper)

Ryan Braun
Milwaukee Brewers
(Looks goofy sometimes, but this is a smoldering sort of shot)

Josh Hamilton
Texas Rangers
(Hard to find a flattering still shot of this boy, sadly)

Evan Longoria
Tampa Bay Rays
(Likely AL Rookie of the Year for this year)

Justin Morneau
Minnesota Twins
(...I know nothing about this guy)

Grady Sizemore
Cleveland Indians
(Absolutely fantastic in center field)

Dan Uggla
Florida Marlins
(Arguably the best 2B in the league, next to...)

Chase Utley
Philadelphia Phillies
(This one's never afraid to get dirty, y'all)

To read more on the Home Run Derby, including the rules and stats on the players selected, visit


Morgan said...

I love the homerun derby, too! It's just tons of fun to watch. Sadly, I will be in Chicago for the All-Star Game, but Hopefully I can catch bits and pieces of it. Back to the Homerun derby, I wish Chipper or Mac could be in it. They both have 18, more than Justin Morneau and Evan Longoria. Oh well, maybe next year??

Anonymous said...

Hey Lauren! I just thought I'd let you know my sister had her baby two months early so I might not be around so much. He's a cutie though :D!

Lauren T. said...

Morgan, I'd love nothing more than to see Mac and Frenchy go at it for the Home Run Derby -- mic'ed, of course. :D

Crista, congrats to your sister! Real life babies are more important than my silly blog, but feel free to check in when you can. :)

Jo said...

hamilton = hot with a hat on.

also, i'm LOL-ing and you know why!