Tuesday, July 1, 2008

About that little "Ping Me" box...

Hi, Braves Lovers!

This is just a small general site administration note to all of you. Some of you have noticed the instant message box on the right sidebar, and have used it to IM me on occasion. That's fun! Meebo (the IM host) gives you an automated, randomized screenname, and you can change it to another name if you prefer.

Here are the answers to some questions I've received...

"Do you know who/where I am?"

I don't have any way to track where you're IMing me from -- it's totally and completely private.

I can't keep track of who IMs me through which randomized screenname. If you change the name to "The Real Heap", that name will be there next time you visit. (I might remember you then, too. Heh.) If you don't change the name, your randomized screenname will be different every time you return, refresh the page, or go to a different page on the site.

"Can you tell me ..."

If you have a specific question, try using your favorite search engine with "Braves Love" in quotes, or "site:http://braveslove.blogspot.com" in the search. I always have success with Google. Remember, I use nicknames and rarely post the full names of the players, so if you're looking for something related to KJ, don't search for Kelly A. Johnson. You may not find it. You can look at the dropdown "I want to read about..." menu to see most nicknames, or...

If you still can't find the answer (either here or through other search methods), you're welcome to IM me, if I'm online. If I'm offline, please email me. My email address is accessible through my profile. (Please don't spam!) If I'm offline and you leave a message via Meebo, that's always fun! However, if you ask a question, there's no way for me to reply to you unless you also leave your email address.

Is this a robot?

I've been asked this at least a dozen times. No, I'm not a bot. As many Lovvies can attest, I am a real, live person. :)

If you have any questions about the site, please feel free to IM me, email me, or post in the comments, and I'll try to answer all direct questions I receive.

Thanks, and go Braves!



Jennifer said...

"The Real Heap" made me snort. :D

Jo said...

Ha, the "Is this a robot" made ME snort! You're definitely a real person.