Monday, July 7, 2008

Frenchy's back!

"It had everything to do with the four hits he had yesterday and seven hits he had in three days and starting to relax," Braves general manager Frank Wren said Monday. "It was not until we had our call with the coaches this morning we had made the decision. It was not predicated on injuries at all. When we felt like he was comfortable swinging the bat and looking like his old self, we wanted to bring him back."

I do hope this was enough time for him to return to the major-league-level of play. Good luck, Frenchy -- we're rooting for you.


Morgan said...

YAY!!! I found out a little while ago, and I figured you would already know. lol... anyways, I'm SOO Glad he is back! I just hope he will be better. It doesn't seem like 3 days could do that much, but I guess we'll see. Good Luck Frenchy!

Jennifer said...

Hmmmm, 10-20 days, huh? OK. *scratches head*

I hope, for his sake, that this works, because the last thing he needs is to come back up too soon, fail, and then get booed and have people hatin' on him some more. Maybe it's good that they're going to be on the road for a while.

Spunky said...

I'm glad he's back, but I hope also for his sake it was enough time. I agree that it's probably best they are on the road for awhile now.

Oh and I saw that pic on the adorable :D

Allee said...

Maybe being with his old batting coach will get him back into his old swing.
Good luck, buddy!

Jo said...

Ha, look at those teeth! They haven't changed a bit!