Saturday, July 5, 2008

Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Astros 7-4-08

Hi lovvies! Happy 4th of July! The awesome LizzieBeth offered some tickets again, so a few of us went and sat just a few rows up from the visitor's dugout. We were on the jumbotron after the game, and our boobs were on TV in the 5th (but not our faces! sad).

We got to the stadium before the gates opened, ready for BP! My friend Kristen and I parked in my usual area in Mechanicsville (free!) and had this little exchange with a guy on his front porch as we walked past on the sidewalk...

Guy: Y'all going to the game?
Me: Sure are! Go Braves!
Guy: There gonna be fireworks tonight?
Me: Should be. [walking faster]
Guy: You got some fireworks in the back of those pants! Have a good time, baby!
Um, thanks. Heh.

Once we met up and got inside, the first guy I got a picture of was Jason Perry, Frenchy's temporary replacement. He's actually pretty cute, and he really got off to a great start, making Braves history as the first Brave to get a triple in his first Major League plate appearance.

Royce Ring and Jorge Campillo, high-fiving.

Blaine was wearing an arm brace of sorts. I'm sure he's looking forward to the all-star break. More Blaine: pic 1 ~ pic 2 ~ pic 3 ~ pic 4, very excited

Baby in the outfield during BP: pic 1 ~ pic 2 ~ pic 3

Mike! Here he is playing pitcher-catcher with Manny ~ cracking up Jeff ~ looking cute ~ looking for a hug ~ looking cute again

The oh-so-pretty Jeff Bennett

KJ fields some BP

Kots, Baby, and Blaine

Ohman & Kots, Baby & Blaine

I took an extraordinary number of pictures of Peter Moylan. I think I was just excited to see him again -- he was such an important part of the team last year, and I'm sad his season was shortened. They said on the broadcast for last night's game that his tattoos weren't compromised by the surgery (sweet) and that he's going home to Australia for a couple of weeks on Sunday, "to visit his girls". I'm sure his family will be happy to see him again.

Here's a little video of Pete "helping" with BP, followed by some pictures.

pic 1 ~ pic 2 ~ pic 3 ~ pic 4 ~ pic 5 ~ pic 6 ~ pic 7 ~ pic 8 ~ pic 9

I'm pretty sure Pete recognized me in that last picture. I do go to a lot of games, and go early to BP, and the guys do look into the stands. (One of the coaches recognized me at a charity golf tournament from the stands. He was pretty nice about it.) Anyway, hope your recovery goes well, Pete, and that you come back better than ever! In the meantime, hold still, Buddy, you've got an eyelash:

Kots has been practicing his posing using his wife as his model, while Manny's warming up to this "hug" concept.

The grounds crew had some patriotic shirts!

Game time! Glenn, Pete, Jo-Jo, and Charlie started the game hanging out on the rail. Baby was a TOTAL FLIRT with EVERYONE, ever. I guess with Frenchy gone, he had to get it out of his system somehow. ;) Huddy pitched a great game, and looked good doing it.

Lineup pics! The American Revolution has recruited some very talented soldiers:

Gregor Blanco

Yunel Escobar

Chipper Jones

Mark Teixeira

Brian McCann

Kelly Johnson

Mark Kotsay

Jason Perry (later, his pic again with BA listed at 1.000!)

Tim Hudson

And pinch hitting later on, Martin Prado

Aww, Baby in the dugout: Bat + Shin Guards ~ Sweaty ~ Stretchy

And Teix on the basepaths: pic 1 ~ pic 2 ~ pic 3

Jason's first hit! Way to go, hon!

Every time the Astros' Darin Erstad came to bat, I did a double-take at his picture, thinking it was Pete Orr!™ Sadly, Darin ≠ Pete.

After KJ's home run, the camera guys caught this little gem in the dugout:

About halfway through the game, in the next section over, a guy stood up and was yelling for security. Security and the ushers came down, and Loud Guy was all, "This guy was CUSSIN'." People started tittering around, and the usher was trying not to laugh while reminding us to keep our eyes on the field in case a ball or broken bat came our way. They got into a big argument, and the usher finally succeeded in getting the CUSSER to sit down. Hey, nothing says classy like a camo tank top and camo hat at a baseball game. Ooops! Almost didn't see you there!

Um, speaking of flirty Babies, check out this little guy that was sitting a few rows down. He's BMac in training, with the hair and all. So adorable! :) pic 1 ~ pic 2 ~ pic 3

Blaine comes in to relieve Huddy. If his arm falls off this season, I'm blaming Bobby.

Baby hanging out on the rail, very cute.

Mmm, Gonzo in to pitch!

Braves win! Game totals

After the game, Friday Night Fireworks were pretty good! Some of the players brought their families out -- I saw Will Ohman with his twins, Buddy and Carter Carlyle, Jeff Bennett with one baby, and several other Braves in civvies.

Great game! I'll be there again tonight, in some amazing seats from my employer. Maybe more than my chest will be on TV this time. ;)


Anonymous said...

my friend that i had with me last night was joking about how the dirt got treated better than we did. it was really funny. it was great. I was really happy to see pete during bp, it's one of the rare times we got there in time to see batting practice:). my friend got his attention and i waved to be nice, and he waved back. it was great.

moatsak said...

Hello everyone! Found this site earlier in the season and have just been a reader until now, but I was at the game Friday as well - just to your right actually - but I was wondering if anyone who had taped the game or watched it on tv knows if they mentioned anything about Yunel and the umpire issue as it was going on or after? After Yunel was out at 1st in the 3rd (I think it was) all of a sudden the HP Ump was halfway down the 1st base line yelling, mask off, etc., then after the inning Tex had a 1 on 1 w/the HP ump. Then the next time Yunel was up to bat, he was at the plate with his arm on the ump talking in his ear -there were pats on the shoulder by both on that exchange so that was good. Then, at the top of the next inning as Yunel is taking his place at SS, the 1st base ump walked all the way over to him and they had a little 1 on 1 - which seemed to be positive. Anyone remember anything? I need to know if I need to be protective of him or give him a talking to! (yea right!) I realized as I was sitting there watching BP that I didn't record... Oh well!

Leah said...

Aww, Mac has found a new friend to replace Frenchy for the time being. Or maybe he's just testing them all out to see which fit the best.

slappywhite said...

Maybe Mac is doing like that South Park episode where they have tryouts to replace Kenny.

When Frenchy comes back, he'll have to explain to him that they meant nothing to him. :)

Jennifer said...

Hugs, shameless flirting, your boobs on tv, and a WIN! Sounds like a great 4th. Oh, and fireworks at the ballpark and in your pants. ;) Great pictures. Thanks. :*

Allee said...

So, you got some awesome pictures.
I've got like a million comments.
First off, poor Mac...he just wants a little lovin' and his man (and mine!) is gone for three weeks.
The picture of Ohman & Kots and Mac & Blaine...they look about identical in their "poses".
The lineup pictures made some of those guys look mighty hot. =]
Love the video of KJ & Mac, the baby in front of you was soooo sweet..and that's all I have to say.
Great pics again!

Lauren T. said...

Crista, fun that you got a wave! I've had bad luck with that, so I don't do it anymore. :D

Moatsak, welcome. Sorry, I don't remember seeing those exchanges with Yunie. If I had more sophisticated technology than a VCR and one tape, I'd go back and check it out. Sadly, I already recorded over this game.

I'm still laughing at the fireworks in my pants comment from that guy. Heh.