Sunday, July 6, 2008

Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Astros 7-5-08

Two games in two days! No complaints here! :)

My employer has a couple of sets of season tickets that are primarily for taking clients to the game, but if no one claims them, they offer the tickets to us. I can't believe the view we had. I could have hooted at the guys all night and every single one would have heard me. As it stands, I only hooted at one. It was right before this pitch, and you could see me on TV but not so well on this video:

Look, I'm not going to say I distracted the boy. But I will say that I yelled "GO BABY!" and he swung at a nasty pitch, then looked up into my area of the stands. Then he grounded into a double play. (If you're reading this, Brian, and it really did distract you, I'm sorry. I am glad you didn't seem to pinpoint that I was the one hooting at you, though.) :D

So, we lost the game, 6-1. I didn't take many pictures because I invited my family along, and my mom was making fun of the sheer quantity of pictures I was taking during BP. :)

Gotay telling Mike and Manny stories

Bennett and Charlie


Blaine and Royce Ring

Huddy telling stories

Will Ohman knew someone in the crowd, as usual.

My parents had never been to the 755 Club, so we went up so they could check out the view from there and my mom could check out the bathrooms. ("It's like a hotel!" she said.) I also dropped the hint that, when that day comes, it is available for wedding receptions, wink wink. She was much more open to that idea than I expected! Sweet.

(Speaking of weddings, there was a proposal last night, but we don't know if the girl said yes. )

After visiting the 755 Club we made it down to our seats, and I pulled out the camera again...

Former GT teammates Teix and Perry stretching together: pic 1 ~ pic 2 ~ pic 3

The ceremonial first pitch was thrown out to Gotay. It's weird to see #8 behind home plate without Javy in the uni.

Chipper doing long-toss with Teix. The girl a few seats down from me (who had EIGHT Miller Lites in her by the end of the game -- I know, I passed them to her from the waiter/usher) was hollering at Chipper every time he came to bat. "CHIPPER I LOVE YOU!!!" "CHIPPER YOU'RE AMAZING!!" "CHIPPER YOU'RE SO HOT AND AMAZING!!!" We get it, lady. You like Chipper. *rolls eyes* (It just got obnoxious, is all. People can like whoever they want.)

Baby was flirting with the ump today, and Larry (the ump) was eating it up. pic 1 ~ pic 2 ~ pic 3

Gregor leads off!

Hi, belly! *pet pet*

Hellooooo, Teix.

Baby's hair is pretty short right now. I like it better that way, I think. Here he is looking pretty, warming up, and tossing something into the dugout.

We'll get 'em next time, boys!

PS -- I finally identified Baby's main intro song. It's "The Boss", by Rick Ross. I do NOT approve of this choice, Baby, and I do listen to hip hop.


amanda said...

Ah! Thank you for identifying Heap's song. It has been driving me crazy.

amanda said...

Did you happen to get a pic of Carlos Lee doing the chop out in the outfield. It was pretty cute, I made a pic but I tried to zoom too much too fast and its blurry.

Jennifer said...

I adore that tummy. So cute. Good pics. :)

MoonKween's Kastle said...

we lost 6-1 :-(

that's OK, lauren, i woulda preferred 4-1 but bennett was terrible.

Lauren T. said...

Amanda, I didn't see Carlos Lee doing the chop. That's hilarious!

MKK, thanks for the typo correction. It's fixed. :)