Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Good times with WGST

I occasionally check the local sports talk radio stations for interviews with our guys, and stumbled today on some pictures from WGST.com. The photo galleries don't have individual links, but you can easily search if you want to see the whole albums. Most of the pics kinda suck, but I pulled out some good ones to share...

From the June 2008 Power Lunch --

From the May 2008 Power Lunch --

Jo noticed that they seem to be taking McFrenchy's cue and sharing shirts -- Blaine at the Power Lunch, and Smoltzie at Glav's philanthropy thing. The lighting is different, but I think she's right -- these are nearly identical shirts. (click to enlarge)

"Braves Insider Photo's [sic]" --

Finally, from the September 2007 Power Lunch, Pete Orr!™ What a doll. :)


Jennifer said...

Dude. That gum picture is one of my all time faves. It was my wallpaper once upon a time. When I click it, though, nothing happens. You done broked it. :D (There's rogue fur escaping out the neck of the shirt, by the way. ;) )

You're bound and determined to bring out the fact that I'm certifiable, aren't you? I need a new alias on here. Heh. Here we go. Bullet points:

* I admit it. I tried to look up the shorts. Wouldn't you be disappointed if I didn't?

* Ummm, he should be careful walking around with wrinkles in "that area." Like he needs to draw any more attention there. Thanks to DOB for those dirty thoughts. A mention of busting balls sent my mind riiiiight there.

* No. I don't think he's going commando. But I'd like to find out for sure. :p

* How much do I love that he only buys clothes at the pro shop? A lot. <3 I wonder if Hawk's Ridge makes him pay for those shirts, or they consider it good advertising and let him have them for a deeeeep discount?

* I love Norton a little bit. I wonder if they rode there together?

* That tuft on top of his head needs to be trimmed. I love that he bonded with someone as bald as he is. *love*

* Wonder what kind of shoes he's wearing?

* Oh, and the rest of 'em are cute, too. :p

CABravesFan said...

Jennifer I think I kinda love you- your comments cracked me up:)

(You are also responsible for making me realize just how adorable Smoltzie actually is...thanks!)

Anonymous said...

For the Huddy picture, I wonder if he's trying to be the Tattoo pitching-guy while Pete's gone :D. Sorry, I just miss him WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY to much. :/.

Lauren T. said...

Jennifer, I don't know what happened with the gum pic. I think you're right -- I broke the internets.

Crista, I miss Pete too. He should be back in Atlanta by the Cardinals series, though! (If I believe what the TV says...)

Jennifer said...

You broke the internets with hotness. And Smoltzie's bare thigh. Rowrrrr. ;)

Jo said...

Here is the shirt in worse lighting for anyone who wants to see:

I <3 Smoltzie. There really isn't anything to say that hasn't already been said. :)

Anonymous said...

wooooooooooooooo! -is happy- -hopes that she can go to a game with mommy :D- yeah, i have a good feeling my games at the field for the season are done, since my sister has to hang loose for the summer after the seizures.

But, as always,, wonderful blog, Lauren! I swear, you Crack me up alot. :D. I think this is my most visited sight.

Dawn said...

I was there! ... at the May Power Lunch with Smoltzie and Blaine and Norton. I have pictures! And video! And I got to "interview" Smoltz! The whole story will be "published" soon on Talking Chop. I spoke to Greg Norton afterwards in the little "foyer" area of the restaurant, but I didn't stick around long because I had to get outside and look for Smoltzie :-)

The pictures and video were made from my seat, which was only about 15 - 20 feet away from the guys. If you read this Lizzie... I know... I've been saying I would get my account of the Power Lunch posted, along with the pics, since May, but I really am going to get it done soon, I promise!

Also Jennifer... he had on white cross-training type shoes -- don't know the brand.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for that, Dawn. I'm a stickler for the details. ;)

Beth said...

Hey Jennifer,
Ditto everything you said about the bearded one. I was at the Power Lunch in May and definitely noticed the "wrinkles"! One question though...where did you see rogue chest fur? I've been looking for that forever! And what gum picture?

Jennifer said...


The rogue chest fur seems to show up all the time, but I was talking about the side-by-side that Lauren has posted above, where he and Blaine seem to be wearing the same shirt. He has gum in his mouth in that picture, as well. It's a good one. :)

Beth said...

Thanks Jennifer for helping my poor tired eyes. I always seem to get here late at night and don't always see everything clearly. But when you pointed it out....I SEE IT! It is enjoyable to look at isn't it! :)