Tuesday, July 8, 2008

How do you spell 'relief'? T-E-I-X-E-I-R-A!

17 innings, and I'd be done too. Seriously, though, how cute is Teix? And Chipper's just waiting for his bear-hug from our favorite Bear.

(Norton's there to tackle someone in case a fight breaks out...) :D


Anonymous said...

i love that picture :). Teix looks too cute, thats definatley one of my favortie Braves Pictures.

Jessica said...

I love the looks on Chipper's and Tex's faces (like they're having a 'moment'). And, how they're looking at Mac and Norton like, "get on in here!" I know everybody loves Mac and can't wait to hug him (who wouldn't?), but I think Greg's quickly becoming a favorite among the players, too.

Allee said...

Love it!

CABravesFan said...

I love the look on Tex's face there...he is too cute:)

(random aside- my cousin's boyfriend looks EXACTLY like Tex...)

Jennifer said...

OK. This is kinda gross, but look at how their faces make a heart shape. <3

Don't mind me. I'm just here for the butts. :D

Jennifer said...


I just watched that slideshow. Awesome. I had forgotten all about that. Hey. It's good to have an enforcer on the team. :D