Thursday, July 10, 2008

Making Time Stand Still

Reader Jessica brought an article to my attention this afternoon. I'll be honest, it took a little while to read because I kept tearing up and had to go back to work tasks before someone wondered why I was crying at my desk. :) The truth is, while I hope I'm never in this situation, I do see myself this way in 50 or 60 years...being just as excited about the Braves as I am now and have been my entire life. And I hope my future children and grandchildren will want to take me to games when I can no longer take myself.

Here I go with the waterworks again. Read the article here: Making Time Stand Still


Allee said...

Very sweet.
I see what you mean about the tearing up. Great article.

Jessica said...

Didn't mean to make everyone cry like me, but I loved this article (especially the part about Bobby Dews). It makes you realize what's important. I had just been complaining about having to miss a big basketball game in early March (UNC/Duke) because I'll be out of the country. This brought me back to reality with what really matters :)

Molly said...

This article is amazing. Not only is it a touching story but the writer did a great job of making the story come to life, as if you were at Turner Field with them. And I'll join the group of people who cried reading it at work. At least there's no one in here to see me.