Saturday, July 12, 2008

R-Braves at-bat songs

I stumbled on this interesting article on yesterday -- it has some good information on the players' intro songs, including some things I didn't know.

"Sometimes there's a lot of thought behind the songs," first baseman Scott Thorman said. "Sometimes guys will just pick a song they like. Usually they try to pick something representative of themselves."

While some of the players switch their songs regularly, for others one becomes a part of their identity.
You may recognize the names of some of the players mentioned in the article: Scott Thorman, Andy Marté, Clint Sammons, Brent Lillibridge, BJones, and Josh Anderson.
Josh Anderson uses "Strong Tower" by Kutless, a Christian rock group.

"I figure I might as well pick a song that's inspirational and sounds good," he said.
I just typed and deleted a whole soapbox rant on "Christian rock", but it's best to leave that alone. ;) To each his/her own.

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