Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wren, Teix; Going to see Dr. Andrews

Braves GM Frank Wren was on the broadcast last night, discussing the Teixeira trade and the future of the club. Thanks for the vid, Jenna!

Thanks for the link to this vid, Jessica:

Tex headed to Cali
Tex headed to Cali

And here some interesting tidbits from

By David O'Brien
July 29, 2008 8:52 PM | Link to this

Here’s some Kotchman quotes:

“I’m excited to go to Atlanta and play for Bobby Cox,” said Kotchman, a left-hander who was raised in St. Petersburg, Fla, the son of former minor leaguer player and manager Tom Kotchman.

“The Braves are an East Coast, Southern team. Bobby Cox has been there forever. Seeing how he handles players, pulls for them, I’ve got to believe it’s a blessing for me to start a new chapter in Atlanta.”


By David O'Brien
July 29, 2008 9:29 PM | Link to this

This is classic: Hudson and Smoltz are going to travel together tomorrow to Birmingham to see Andrews, Smoltz for a scheduled checkup, Hudson to have his worrisome MRI results examined.

When asked if Smoltz was going to fly them up on the jet he charters, Hudson quipped: “If Smoltz wants to fly us, I’ll fly. With our luck, we’d probably go down [crash] somewhere. I’ll make sure I have my parachute.”

So Smoltz just charters the jet, doesn't own it! Hmm! *nose in air* (hee)


Jenna said...

You're welcome!

Also, fly to Birmingham? It's like a 2 hour drive! I've driven to Birmingham to fly Southwest before. :)

Lauren T. said...

Hey, when you have that much money... ;)

Jessica said...

Can you imagine Smoltzie and Huddy on a road trip (even a short one)? That'd be the best trip ever :)

Jennifer said...

It's gonna be a long time before I can see "Krotchman" and not snort. I am a 15 year-old boy, remember. :D

The road trip. *sigh* I love those two. <3

CABravesFan said...

I would love to be in the backseat for THAT ride:)