Thursday, August 21, 2008

Back from injury has a couple of video interviews with Kelly Johnson and Mike Hampton about battling back from season-ending injuries. I especially liked Kelly's interview; his honesty is refreshing. (Sometimes I think we get a lot of B.S. in interviews, because the player wants to be seen in the right light.)

While I was there, I also saw this pre-series interview that features Kots and Frenchy, along with the Mets' David Wright. I know he's a Met, and I'm fundamentally supposed to hate him, but I just can't. He's so cute!


Susan said...

I love Kelly! :)

Thanks for the link for that video!

His honesty is truly refreshing. I think he has done a wonderful job coming back from surgery.

CABravesFan said...

As much as it pains me I will have to back you Lauren on the David Wright comment (pause to be sick to my stomach...)as much as I would like to hate him I just can't (pause while the searing pain in my fingers goes away) he seems like a good guy. (and now i will wack myself over the head with a blunt object, curl up into a ball and pray for the return of my sanity...)

Eleth said...

Hey, i've been lurking for awhile but i've never posted. Just wanted to add to the David Wright discuussion. Yeah, I've never been able to hate him either. He's just too nice and well, too good looking. I don't know if any of y'all watch american idol, but if you do I'm sure you know that David Cook's brother has a brain tumor and cannot travel without a special medical transport and as I understand David Wright contacted him and payed his brother's way to the AI finale. So my idea's on Wright were confirmed.

So I kind of worked out a compromise in my head. If the Braves pitchers has already given up a hit so it is not breaking up a no hitter, Wright can come up with nobody on, get a single, but never come around to score. And then I don't feel toooo disloyal to my Braves! ;)

And Susan, totally agreed about Kelly as well.


Leah said...

Yeah, I hope KJ is here for a while. Some people believe he won't be after this season, but hopefully the Braves know he's just having an off year. (Lord knows that only so few of them are this season.) Plus, he said it himself that he thinks too much and hasn't really felt comfortable in his stance yet, so hopefully he will right his ship and get going again. The team needs a guy like KJ around...just because. ;D