Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fun dugout videos from Wednesday!

Pete and Huddy having fun:

And Clint and Josh sitting together:

You know, at first glance, these two look a lot alike. If you care to tell the difference, Josh is blonde, thin, and super-fast. Clint has hair that can look red or brown, depending on the camera / video, he's built a bit sturdier (like most catchers), and he looks a little more mature than Josh. Josh is older, though! I heart them both -- Southern boys are a little bit awesome. :)


Crista Michelle said...

I was hoping you would post this :). Thanks Lauren :)

Lizziebeth said...

Holy schnikees, those boys were having so much fun! Just kicking myself more and more for not having a camera that night. I love the looks on their faces; priceless!!