Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fun with Frenchy and an interview with Bobby

Hat tip to Dinged Corners for this awesome card image!
This is the best. card. ever. They even got the wonky eye right!
He looks like an ad for hamburgers in the 1950s. :D

You may have seen this clip in the AJC already, but if not, it's nice to know Mr. F's still getting some good press. I still cheer for him -- he really *does* seem to care what the fans think -- and this story is a good one.

FRANCOEUR OFF THE FIELD: And for a little perspective on the Jeff Francoeur you guys don't always see... When people tell you he's an upbeat person, despite the miserable season he's had, and he's a great community guy: this is what they're talking about.

Yesterday before the game we could see from the press box Jeff out of the field with a young man in a wheel chair. He took him out to right field to get a feel for what it must be like to stand in Jeff's shoes, and shortly thereafter, Francoeur ran alongside him as he took a spin around the bases in his wheelchair.

At first glance, I thought maybe it was a "Make a Wish" foundation thing that Francoeur had agreed to do. But I came to find out this morning, it was all-Jeff.

Francoeur said he'd met Joshua Kane in 2005 during his first roadtrip to Philadelphia. Kane was sitting near the Braves dugout and cheering for Jeff and the Braves. Francoeur saw him every time the team went to Philadelphia from then on. The last time the Braves were up there in late July, he gave Kane his phone number and invited him for an on-the-field visit to Atlanta.

That's what we saw on Saturday.

"It puts things back in perspective," said Francoeur, who at 24 is six months younger than Kane. "He'd be dying to hit .228 in the major leagues."

Francoeur got a kick - and a little scare - out of seeing Kane max out his electric wheelchair to 7 mph to go from first to third.

Good for him! I like hearing stories like this.


"We haven't completely given up."

Bobby Cox gives a great interview to here about our struggles this season and how the team plans to finish the year out. He always seems to bring up Pete Moylan first when talking about our injuries this year; that's pretty awesome that he sees Pete as such an integral part of the team's success. He also spends a bit talking about Jorge Campillo's success, and calls him our #2 guy. Considering #2 at the beginning of this season was Smoltzie, that's quite a career jump for Campy!

(Speaking of Campy, did you guys see him wearing the catcher's mask in the dugout last night?) :D


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Best. Card. Ever.

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