Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Giants 8-18-08

This is going to be a very abbreviated Game Day post. :) Best things first:

You can hear how surprised I was; I was on the phone, explaining why I was recording the ab work, and... hahahaha, that guy is really getting into it! He is fun; I wish I could find out who that was.


Batting practice!


- Charlie hung out with the ball boy in CF most of the time.
- Baby and KJ and Clint hung out together, and Frenchy kept his distance by staying on the other side of the field with Will Ohman. If McFrenchy acted friendly towards each other, I sure didn't notice. Wonder what's up there...
- KJ has gorgeous calves. I feel like I talk about that all the time, but they deserve it!
- Eddie Perez waved at me. There was no one else close to where I was sitting, and he was looking right at my face. If that was intentional, that was pretty cool! He's hilarious. (Also? We have the same birthday.) :)


I know it was a 4:35 start time on a Monday, but I didn't expect the crowd to be so sparse. I went with a group from work and took this video during the 8th inning, when it was still pretty full (relatively speaking):

The official "paid" attendance was just over 18,000, but if there were over 10,000 there, I'd be shocked.

Also!! Our section was chosen as the Doubles for Double Cheeseburgers promotion, and Campy hit his double in the inning! We all got cards for a double cheeseburger value meal at McDonald's. I don't know if I'll eat mine, but here was our section on the Jumbotron:

Other crap I got:

Since work gave us $15 in Braves Bucks, I decided against spending it on overpriced food and drinks and got a new t-shirt instead. (The "front" view is my friend Jenna's tee -- with Chuck James' #36 on the back!). After the Braves bucks and the 30% off sale, my shirt was only $1.75. I'm so proud of that! :) The red thing is a rally flag that a random stadium employee gave me. Good times!

The game was so boring, I spent two whole minutes videoing Baby in the batter's circle. Booooooring. BORING! (Not you, Baby -- the game.)

Here is the full album of pictures. Inside you'll see some gay lumberjacks, Yunie, Baby, KJ, Clint (or, if you prefer the typo-nickname, "Cling"), Gregor, Ruben, Blaine, Jeff B, an empty stadium, Frenchy, Clint's bum, Omar Infante, far too many pics of Charlie, Chipper and Kots, Will, some clouds, Tim Lincecum, his wonky tooth situation, more empty stadium, the Atlanta skyline, a sticker on the armrest between two co-workers (who unknowingly dressed alike), Zito on the mound, Charlie's legs reclining from the bench, Clint with SmartWater again, Baby with his hat off, a guy getting escorted off the field after tumbling in over a foul ball, Martin's super-cute jumbotron pic, Baby toweling off in the dugout, and the stupid game of the day, Pict-O-Word. Enjoy!


Jessica said...

Wow - that pict-o-word is pretty silly.

Thanks for sharing the pics!

Jennifer said...

I haven't even looked at all of those yet, but two things:

Jenna rocks for wanting a "Chuck James, Bitch!" t-shirt

and Tim Lincecum's middle name is LeRoy. I think that's perfect.

Lizziebeth said...

Death to Pict-o-word...it should've been banned from the park after 6-2-08.

Great pictures!

Eddie must be on a roll, he talked to me the other day too. Uh, just to ask me to get a security guard to throw some guys out, but still (!) Doesn't he know you're not supposed to talk to a stalker?! Sheesh.

Susan said...

You are right -
Kelly has the best calves in the world!

Can't say it enough :)

Great pics!

Lauren T. said...

Hee hee, "stalker". I did a little calculation, and I go to 15-20% of the home games. I always go early, and I always sit in the same area for BP. And as we've discussed before, they do look up into the stands! (I think Charlie knows my face now, and that scares me a little!)

Lizziebeth said...

Oh, they know you, girl...they know you!