Sunday, August 3, 2008

Huddy Update - 8/3/08

OKT just said on Braves Live that Tim Hudson will have ligament replacement (Tommy John) surgery on Friday in Pensacola, at Dr. James Andrews' facility there. 08-08-08 -- he'll never forget that date.

Good luck, Huddy. What an incredibly unlucky year, for the whole team.


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  • brian is not amused brian mccann braves
    • Sorry, Baby.

  • clint sammons curtain call
    • He's not had one at Turner Field yet, but his day will come.

  • yunel escobar is gay
    • HAhahahaha, he's SO not.

  • braves kelly johnson intro music
    • Jo says it's "Bulls on Parade" by Rage Against the Machine. (Thanks, I would not have known that.)

  • john smoltz shirtless
    • If he ever decides to show off the chest fur, I'll let you know.

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Jo said...

It's no problem. :D If you ever want to make a list of music for all the guys, just ask me the rock songs you don't know.