Monday, August 4, 2008

Listen up!

Here are some audio interviews, for your listening pleasure...

Mike Hampton on 680 The Fan
~ Mike likes the Rolling Stones.

Mike Hampton on 790 The Zone
~ Mike likes movies.

Frank Wren on 790 The Zone
~ Officially, Frenchy was never up on the trading block. Kots might go soon.

And the best ever, an audio take two of Will Ohman as Harry Caray.
~ "I think he kinda looks like a body double for Guy Smiley, from Sesame Street. It's Jeff Francoeur!"
~ (See the video that aired on FOX here, if you missed it.)

And pictures from the July Braves Power Lunch!

Baby in his Range Rover

In another one of his weird shirts, with his hairline looking totally normal ;)

Sad? In trouble waiting outside the principal's office? What's wrong, Baby?

Sleepy, but wearing his wedding ring! Good boy.

NOT flirting with Buddy

Signing lots of hats

Chipper's knees arrive

The boys with Knucksie

I need to go to a power lunch one of these days. $35 is just out of my price range for lunch, though. That's more than my lunch budget for the week!


Jennifer said...

Hey, I know it's $35, but you get to see KNEES! :p

Guy Smiley? Oh, that's golden. :D

John said...

The pictures of McCann= AWESOME

Your complete obsession with the Braves= EVEN BETTER

This site is probably one of the best ways to satisfy my braves addiction and I am sooo glad that I always happen to stumble across it!

Lo said...

Uh budget or not, I'd pay $35 to get a close up view of those knees. :)

dawn said...

I'm telling you, it's totally worth the money. My seat at the table was with my back to the guys, so I stayed turned around from my plate the whole time and didn't eat much anyway. I should have asked for a doggy bag!