Thursday, August 7, 2008

"Look at all these friends I have!"

I think this video just made Will Ohman jump past Pete Moylan in my ranking of favorite bullpen guys. Sorry, Pete -- do some interviews or tell me a joke, and you might be able to regain your status next year when we see a lot of you again. (Still love ya, sweets!)

As for Jair, I freakin' love that silly kid! The Braves should make sure we have a guy from CuraƧao on the team at all times.

ETA: Any 'Project Runway' fans here? After last night's episode, I'm seeing a lot of similarities between the Braves' Will and PR's Kenley. Will doesn't look like Bettie Page, though. ;)


Kristen said...

He reminds me of Seth Rogen. All he needs is curly hair.

CABravesFan said...

I love Will (and in the interest of fairness I can't actually hear the interview so I have no idea what he is saying) but until he develops an Aussie accent he won't move ahead of Pete:) (What can i say, i have a thing for accents)

And how cute is JJ jumping around behind Mike?? every time i see this kid i love him more and more

Lo said...

LOL @ Gonzo "Will's always been on my nerves" <3 <3 <3 You can have Will, Lauren. I'm taking Gonzo all to myself.

This also explains why Chipper didn't go on this road trip ha!

CABravesFan said...


sorry- you are going to have to share:)

Crista Michelle said...

pssh fine, then i'll have Moylan all to myself. :P

Christopher Gregory said...

I second the proposition that Will is like Seth Rogen. He's got the same sense of humor and delivery.

They probably kept Will around specifically because he was funny. Good baseball decision? No. Good life decision? Absolutely.

CABravesFan said...

Did anyone see him towards the end of the game on Tuesday? He was warming up and a ball got past his catcher and ended up rolling all the way across home plate (in the middle of an at bat)...I think someone hollered something at him because they showed him kinda shrug his shoulders like "what? wasn't me!" with a big probably had to see it but it was really cute:)

Lauren T. said...

Crista, I'm certainly not giving up on Pete. But what has he done to entertain me lately? :D

Chris and Kristen, I do see the SR similarity. He reminds me a bit of Chandler Bing, too.

CA, didn't see that. :( I'm sure it was great, though. :)

Crista Michelle said...

HE'S MINE >:]. j/k. i can share. only because you're awesome :D.

Besides, he knows me personally, kinda x].

missjuliek said...

Will is the best. Im a Braves fan in the Philly area and I watch the games literally AT the visitors bullpen. Some of the Will lines this year to the fans...
"Let me get this straight. You paid $30 to get in, $10 to park and judging from your behavior, another $60 on beer and you want to rattle MY chains?"
"You sound like a drunk Harry Caray!" (then impersonates what he thinks he would sound like drunk)
"Im the smartass of this bullpen, kiddos!"

He is always a riot but you know who else is always joking with the crowd on road games? Blaine Boyer!

Lauren T. said...

Thanks for sharing. I love to hear stories like this! :)